In Review: Marilyn Crispell and Gary Peacock ‘Azure’


★★★★½ - Sydney Morning Herald

Pianist Marilyn Crispell and bassist Gary Peacock have been vital forces in some of jazz’s headiest explorations, while also sharing a more lyrical side. They have been described by SMH as ‘A major statement from two of jazz’s most distinguished practitioners.’

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Record labels: always a popular matter of discussion among crate diggers. What’s their vision on music? What’s their message to the outside world?  And what’s the common denominator between the various titles across the catalog? 

A very special imprint we’ve been stocking for a long time is California’s Now Again Records. Run passionately by Stones Throw’s A&R manager Eothen Alapatt aka Egon, the label releases a mix of old and new tunes. Most of the contemporary stuff falls into the instrumental hiphop and psychedelic funk categories – artists associated with the label include Dimlite, Paul White, The Natural Yoghurt band and The Whitefield Brothers.

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Newcastle will be all about Sound Summit until Sunday. Heaps of great Aussie bands have found their way to the summit over the last few years and there’s a lot of old ones still going. Here’s just a few that we like at TITLE that play this year’s edition of Sound Summit: Royal Headache, Oren Ambarchi, Twerps, Cannanes and Primitive Calculators. 

More than just a gig-jammed festival, Sound Summit has always been about discussing the state and directions of the industry. One of the highlights this year will be a panel that’s very much Chapter Music-heavy. The label’s CEO Guy Blackman alongside Fran Gibson [Cannanes], Stuart Grant [Primitive Calculators] and newcomer Martin Frawley [The Twerps] will be more than happy to tell you what it’s like to stay relevant, keep the passion and to survive the challenges of the independent music scene in the 2012. Meet them at Newcastle’s Terrace Bar.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all up/down there!

Photo: The Twerps

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I’ve got to disagree with Ben Ratliff of The New York Times when he argues that the Godfather of Rap, Gil Scott-Heron, “slipped away long before his death”. His last long player, 2010’s I’m New Here ranks among Scott-Heron’s greatest works and words like these - taken from his book The Last Holiday, A Memoir, fit the picture of a man who detested anything impure. 

"People speak in a certain key that’s similar to a musical note. When you talk to people naturally, it’s comfortable because there’s no strain or stress on your vocal chords. Sometimes when people speak too fast or make vocabulary choices that don’t ring true, it occurs to me that something is wrong with what they are saying."

- Chris de Wit, TITLE Surry Hills

Grab Gil Scott-Heron’s The Last Holiday, A Memoir at TITLE for $45. Also available: I’m New Here ($30 on vinyl or $25 on CD) and Free Will ($20 on CD). Don’t forget to flash your TITLE 10 card for a 10% discount.

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Profile: Keith Jarrett


Friday afternoon is the right time of the week for a run to the store to get free stuff without being a thief. Buy Keith Jarrett’s Sleeper [2CD] and get his Always Let Me Go [2CD] for free. This weekend only. Leave us a $35 tip and they’re both yours!

About Sleeper
Featuring Keith Jarrett on piano and percussion, Jan Garbarek on tenorsoprano saxophones, flute and percussion, Palle Danielsson on double bass and Jon Christenen on drums, the release of Sleeper is a major event for fans of Jarrett and his accompanying players. This quartet has only ever been heard on four other recordings and this Japanese concert, which has been mixed in analogue for its warm sound, sees them at full flight.

About Always Let Me Go
Recorded on two nights in 2001, this double album is an endlessly fascinating document that takes the full measure of the group’s creativity. Keith Jarrett describes the work as “free music that was not written, rehearsed or planned in advance of the performances.” But Jarrett’s free music embraces an enormous range of possibilities. There is an abundance of melody in these spontaneous constructions, and passing allusions to the entire history of jazz, though the music also reaches beyond it. There are cascades of sound, tremulous lyrical passages, deep grooves, wide-ranging dynamics, silences, and quiet dissonances.

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The mighty Madlib Medicine Show just toured Australia. Still mainly known for his hiphop productions - solo and with people like MF Doom and J Dilla, Madlib [pictured above with free jazz icon Sun Ra] really is addicted to any beat and melody you can possibly think of. He lives a crate diggers dream; rather than carefully planning his releases, he decided to throw out his Medicine Show volumes like he was selling donuts. No label boss would agree to such a stupid plan but that’s never been a problem for Madlib as he’s released all volumes of the Medicine Show through his very own Madlib Invazion inprint. “It’s great to work with someone who’s just very determined like that. Madlib just wants to put out a record every month so that’s what he does,” says manager, friend and former flatmate Eothen Alapatt aka Egon just after he steps into TITLE Surry Hills on the day before the Sydney show.

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Folk-rockers Tully did not emerge from the banana fields around the little town in tropical Australia carrying the same name. Instead, they were a powerful Sydney band that’s now being rediscovered all across the globe. Sea of Joy is the first in a series of Tully albums to be reissued by Melbourne’s Chapter Music. TITLE Surry Hills’ Chris de Wit spoke to Colan Campbell, the band’s guitarist during 1971 and 1972.  

Why did you name yourselves after a banana picking town in North Queensland? 

Well, at the time, it seemed more appropriate than naming the band after a banjo-picking town in North Carolina.

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TITLE is extremely excited about the upcoming release Meat And Bone by JSBX on its brand new label Freeform Patterns. It’s the band’s first album in 8 years and we’ve secured two bonus tracks you can’t get in the States. The sound is classic JSBX: fuzzy, dirty and aggressive. TITLE Surry Hills’ Chris de Wit rang Jon the other day for an odd conversation about stuff that matters to us all.

Most Australian rock ‘n’ roll fans remember your performance on Recovery, a Saturday morning tv show for teenagers. What did you think? I’d better teach these kids a lesson?
I can’t really remember what I thought. Probably only that we needed to hit it hard and do a good job. The “freak out” certainly was not planned. Just exciting music and the moment. I do remember being excited to meet Tony Cohen. He was the producer of The Birthday Party’s album Junkyard and was mixing the audio for the TV show that morning.

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Commercial Music is Fabulous Diamonds’ most textured, luxurious album yet. Whilst their first record was baby steps and stabs in the dark, and their second album reached for an under-produced liveliness, Commercial Music – titled with no hint of irony – is high-brow, young adult contemporary pop music.

Fabulous Diamond’s explore each of their ponderous grooves to its fullest, but now the weight is lifted by nuanced arrangements and seamless digital production. Commercial Music is both deep and feather light, the heaviest of transcendental pop.

“Finely textured and bewitching” – THE FADER

“The billowing, hypnotic drone of “Lothario” is just as mesmerizing and enveloping as anything else we’ve heard from these two” – GORILLA VS BEAR

Available now at all TITLE stores on CD $25 and LP $30

*TITLE Ten members receive 10% off

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Interview: Grigoryan Bros.


The Grigoryan Brothers just released The Seasons, their guitar-version of Tchaikovsky’s piano masterpiece. TITLE spoke to Leonard - the youngest of the two - about the rearrangement, computer processed guitar sounds and his last purchase at TITLE.

Can you tell us something about the process of rearranging an original piano composition by Tchaikovsky for two guitars?

It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle. You need to retain all of the musical content whilst providing the possibility of making the music more emotional and colourful.

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